Sunday, November 11, 2007


Today has been a nice day. I'm trying to enjoy this great weather while it last and while I have time. Whitlee still remains where she is most comfortable. It appears as if she has ignored my every plea and demand to remove herself from her cozy living space. I have prepared her for Thursday. I explained to her that I will be 42weeks gestation on the 15th. This means she will be forced out of hiding. I'm not sure she quite understands. It's alright, she will soon! Haha! (Laughing)
I am getting very excited about her arrival, more so than before. What a blessing for us! I can't wait for our incredible journey to start the next chapter. All of the challenges will be tough; however, we will remain strong. With GOD by our sides we can do anything.
I always try to remember this: When GOD removes something with one hand, he replaces with the other.

I have attached a video of pics, with music, if anyone would like to view. WARNING: To the squeamish, belly shots included!

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