Thursday, October 25, 2007

39 week office visit

Well, I am still at 2cm. :( That's alright because she said I was at least 80%effaced. Also, she said that Whitlee had dropped a lot. Well, she said, "Wow, she's really low. That's why you feel the pressure like you have felt the past couple of days". She is almost engaged.

When she listened for Whitlee's heart rate she was a little concerned. It was too low. I assured her that I listen frequently and her average is 130-135BPM. She recommended that we get on the monitor for at least 20 minutes. As she predicted, Whitlee's heart rate was slowing down with the mini contractions I've been experiencing. To sum it all up, she thinks that were both doing great. We are going to DISCUSS induction on my next visit (Oct. 30). She knows that I am totally against it; however, we need a plan in case all else fails. :) She thinks I am progressing well and that delivery doesn't seem too far away.

I hope all is well with everyone! -Ashlee :^)

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