Wednesday, October 10, 2007

U/S and NICU tour

We got to see our little Whitlee again today. She sure does Yawn a lot. We were told her eye looks better then expected. Her brain is looking good as well. They estimated her weight to be 6lbs. She is in the 29th percentile, which is a little below average. The u/s tech told me she didn't look as if she had a big head. Imagine my relief! HaHa!

We also met with the professor of neonatology. He answered our questions and helped to guide us on what to expect. Whitlee will not be able to have visitors at first. He said poss grandparents. This is because the newborns have a lowered immune response and her mucosal area at her nose will be exposed, this makes even more susceptible to getting infections. We have been told that if her breathing is ok then she may be able to stay in the room for a few hours. The feeding issue will eventually arise. She will more than likely have a tube inserted into her mouth or nose for feeding. It's also possible she would have a G-tube before leaving the hospital. Please pray for her. She is our gift from GOD. We feel so blessed to receive her. -Ashlee:)

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